Established in 1971, ROZMAI consistently reflects Ukrainian culture and tradition in the beauty of the performing art of dance. The company’s uniqueness is derived from the marriage of the Canadian experience and traditional Ukrainian roots.

Presently under the artistic direction of Jeff Kozak, ROZMAI’s choreography highlights regional dances and steps from the broad, sweeping movements of the Steppes, to the highly acrobatic jumps of the Carpathian region, to the incredibly syncopated rhythms of Bukovyna.

ROZMAI’s commitment to the beauty of dance and preservation of the Ukrainian culture is reflected in their compelling and electric performances which are accentuated by breath-taking leaps, high velocity footwork and brilliant costuming. This young group of energetic dancers always leaves audiences wanting more. From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada – ROZMAI!

Company Dancers

Emma Charles, Julianna Chubenko , Diana Dyakiv, Brooklynne Grieger, Kendra Grieger , Avery Hajer-Ashdown, Kaylee Kozak , Danyil Ligus , Emily Magura , Maddy Magura , Elliot McKay , Taryn Monastyrski , Sara Pazerniuk, Sam Pazerniuk, Vanessa Pazerniuk, Ashley Seguin, Anton Verma, Nastya Yatsevych, Mykola Yereniuk


Please contact Anastasia Yereniuk, Rozmai Company Manager at 204-586-7089 or for information regarding booking the Company for your function. Performance packages can also be specifically designed to meet your needs.


Please contact if you are interested in auditioning for the Company.

Artistic Direction

Artistic Director

Jeff Kozak

Jeff Kozak’s dance journey began at Holy Eucharist Ukrainian Catholic Church, where his first lesson took place at the age of five.  Over a 20 year period, he continued to hone his performance skills at various dance schools and performing ensembles, including Suzirya Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, the Sirko Kozaks and Rusalka Ukrainian Dance Ensemble. 

Jeff’s Ukrainian dance teaching career began three decades ago. He has instructed at many schools in Manitoba, including St. Anne’s Church, Metaleky Ukrainian Dance School,  Prosvita Ukrainian Dance School, Vesna School of Ukrainian Dance, at Oakbank Elementary School, and for the past several years at Rozmai School of Ukrainian Dance.  During that time, he has helped to stage productions  such as The Wayward Chumaks, The Mitten, The Legend of Malanka, Vesnianka, Cycles of the Sun, and on numerous occasions, The Magic Soplika, An Afternoon at the Bottom of the Well, and The Shepard.

Company Manager

Anastasia Sych-Yereniuk

Anastasia Sych-Yereniuk is the Manager of the Rozmai Ukrainian Dance Company and previous long time Chair of the Board of Directors. Anastasia inspires young dancers and artists to continue to culturally and artistically use dance instruction and performance as a means to bring meaning and beauty to the lives of those who are fortunate enough to experience their performances. Under her leadership, Rozmai has performed and enjoyed lasting relationships with the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, Koshetz Choir and various local and international arts groups.

Anastasia encourages Rozmai dancers to expand their horizons and better understand the world by traveling to other countries to share their love of Ukrainian dance, strategically defining what the arts are all about.

Board of Directors

The 2023-2024 Rozmai Executive is:

Chair: Nicholas Chubenko
Vice-Chair: Marianne Lozinski
Secretary: Marnie Krawec-Verma
Treasurer: Anton Verma
Company Manager: Anastasia Sych-Yereniuk
School of Dance Director: Candace Sabourin
Senior Dance Instructor: Jeff Kozak
Company Dance Representatives: Kendra Grieger and Kaylee Kozak
Company Fundraising Committee Representative: Julianna Chubenko
Parent Liaison School of Dance: Nadiya Yevseyenko
Parent Liaison Junior Rozmai: Aneta Carroll
Members-at-Large: Grace Capar, Tim Monastyrski
Chaplain: V. Rev. Archpriest Eugene Maximiuk